Trane Products

Air Conditioners

Beyond cool. Reuben Trane patented his first air conditioning system in 1931. And to this day, every Central Air Conditioning unit and air conditioner Trane makes features the durability and reliability that are the hallmarks of Trane products. Read More

Heat Pumps

Don't let the name fool you. These units pull from the ground or outside air temperature to both heat and cool your home to perfection. A reliable, efficient choice in Southern states. Read More

Air Handlers

Helping to circulate better air, the Hyperion™ air handler is built unlike anything the market has ever seen. For one thing, it’s constructed more like a refrigerator, with insulation between the double walls of the uniquely designed cabinet. Read More


The ultimate in comfort. All winter long, you depend on your furnace to meet the heating needs of your home and your family. That's why we build Trane gas furnaces, electric furnaces and oil furnaces to perform again and again, year after year. Read More

Indoor Air Quality

Choose from a wide variety of humidifiers, systems & zone control platforms, and air cleaners & filters to maximize the quality and reliability of your indoor air quality. Read More

Package Units

Everything You Need In One Cabinet. Packaged unit heating and air conditioning systems contain the same components you find in a typical split system, Read More

Ductless Systems

Heating and cooling systems without the need for extensive ductwork. Mounted on the wall or in the ceiling, these are flexible, high-efficiency choices for homeowners looking for simple zoned comfort solutions. Read More

Commercial Customers

For the Commercial Services Square on Trane Page use this copy: We combine experience, expertise, and knowledge with an awesome customer service department that can identify & accurately evaluate each client's unique circumstances and needs, we are confident we can keep your commercial facilities running efficiently. Read More

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